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Textbook Suspensions to Continue

From the Mobile Press-Register:

The five football players implicated in the University of Alabama's ongoing textbook probe could be suspended for as many as four games, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said Thursday night.

Saban said UA compliance officials have yet to conclude an in-house investigation into possible violations regarding the receipt of textbooks by scholarship athletes. The school plans to self-report its findings to the NCAA.

"We're completing it and about to give it to them," said Saban, who remarked earlier: "I think they have to tabulate and know for sure what the extent of the damage is. A lot of this happened in the past, so it's the cumulative effect that they have to be able to know."

Even more interesting:

He implied the trouble began with another sports program on campus, and misdeeds on his team were restricted to only five players.

"We had to go through and do a whole records (check) of every student-athlete for the last two or three years to see how much this happened," Saban said. "And it came from another sport, but our guys, the four or five guys that we have involved in it, they came up out of the audit that occurred."

I'll bet you five dollars it was those no good hippies on the rowing team that led our boys astray...

You girls should be ashamed of yourself.