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Iron Bowl Week: Crunching the Numbers Part 1

OTS will do his normal preview on Friday, but he's traveling over the next few days to visit family for Thanksgiving, so in the meantime I'll be giving you a very cursory comparison of the numbers both Alabama and Auburn have put up so far this year.

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On paper, we could have a pretty decent day in Jordan-Hare, as Auburn is near the bottom of the conference in nearly every offensive category while our own beloved Tide is typically in the middle of the pack on defense. There is one glaring exception, though, and that is in the, wait for it, red zone. While Auburn is only 9th in the league in red zone offense, the Tide is dead least in RZ defense, giving up 30 scores in 33 tries (90.9%), with 22 of those coming in the form of TDs. Auburn, on the other hand, isn't all that great in the red zone, scoring 35 times out of 42 trips (83.3%) with 25 of those being TDs. They've given away 2 fumbles, 2 INTs, and turned the ball over on downs twice inside the twenty this year, while Alabama has only two take aways (both INTs).