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Iron Bowl Open Thread

6-5 (4-3)

7-4 (4-3)

Saturday, November 24, 2007
Jordan-Hare Stadium (87,451) - Auburn, AL
7 p.m. CT
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Update [2007-11-24 23:27:53 by Todd]:

Well, that was disappointing, if not altogether expected, so congratulations to them. They made the plays necessary to win and we didn't, and they deserved it. We came out and kept things close, but with two teams like the ones Alabama and Auburn fielded tonight, it was going to go to the team that made the fewest mistakes, and unfortunately for us, that was Auburn. Hall's non-TD catch and Saunders's roughing the passer both stand out right now, but I'm sure y'all can remember a few more bad decisions on our part that cost us the game. So what now? Even though we're a low man on the totem pole bowl wise, I'm sure we'll wind up somewhere, so lets hope our guys can bounce back for that, and get ready for next season. Year one of the Saban expirement might have ended poorly, but I'm still confident in the future. Roll Tide.

The McPhee, on the other hand, is so upset about the loss that she's turned to the comforting warmth of alcohol.