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SEC Power Poll: All Over but the Shoutin' Championship Game

1. Florida: Yeah, you all thought I was crazy ranking Florida at number one these past few weeks, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?

2. Georgia: Georgia is like a bizarro world Alabama. Red and Black instead of Crimson and White, they hate Tennessee and Auburn like we do, but their biggest enemy is Florida, they start off strong before muddling through the middle of their season, losing at least one they shouldn't and struggling through a couple more, and then finish out with a bang, while our own beloved Crimson Tide looks good 'til November and then forgets how to play football. Anyway, as expected, the Dawgs finished strong, so here they sit, ranked in the top five, and just waiting to see which BCS at large bid they'll get.

3. Tennesse: They won the eastern division in less than spectacular fashion, sure, but in a season like this, avoiding the upset (well, most of them anyway) has to count for something. Good on them.

4. Arkansas: Their win over LSU had more to do with the Tigers arrogance than Arkansas's performance, but they did play a great game against a far more talented team and deserved that win. As much as I might dislike Houston Nutt as a person, the loss of him and the Orgeron in one season is almost too much for the part of me that loves the larger than life, crazier than a sack of weasels types like them.

We were better for having known him. Well, not Gus Malzahn.

5. Mississippi State: Watching the Egg Bowl, I wasn't terribly surprised that Ole Miss was up 14-0 early in the 4th. We've said it time and time again that the Bulldogs aren't a great team and on their own they still don't have the talent and depth to beat the better teams in the league. But God bless 'em, they do have the talent and heart to hang around and hope you screw up and then let you know just how bad of a mistake that was, and going for it on 4th and 1 at midfield with ten minutes left after you'd humiliated and demoralized their offense the whole game was the biggest mistake of all. Good on them.

6. Auburn: Just like Mississippi State, the Teagles have won by letting you beat yourself this season. I'll be surprised if Al Borges is still around next season.

7. Kentucky: Another team that would be absolutely fearsome if they just had some talented depth. Brooks has them headed in the right direction, but with Woodson leaving, you have to wonder if they can sustain the success of the last few seasons, or if there is going to be a rough rebuilding drop off next year.

8. Alabama: I'll give us a bump up from the "we suck" bottom we sank to over the past two weeks, since (some of) the team showed some motivation and heart on Saturday. Still, we didn't get the little things right, and that's what doomed us to failure again. This sucks.

9. Vandy: Oh Vandy. Vandy Vandy Vandy. What are we going to do with you? Five wins. Five wins. Why can't you get past that five win hump and at least get bowl eligible? We were all pulling for you so hard on Saturday, but you just couldn't do it. Oh well, maybe next year...

10. South Carolina: Whatever.

11. LSU: Yeah, I'm dropping you down this far LSU. Suck it. Suck it big time. You thought it was oh so funny seeing us struggle with Saban? The guy that won SEC Titles and a national championship for you and put your program back on the map in college football that you inexplicably decided wasn't that great of a coach when he jilted your coonasses? You couldn't stop laughing could you? Yeah, maybe you should have spent a little less time congratulating yourselves on being LSU and a little more time actually playing like it. Suck it.

12. Ole Miss: Orgeron should have been fired for that debacle, but what terrible timing. With all the other big name schools that will be looking for coaches (and all the smaller schools with up and coming coaches that will need to fill those vacancies) it's hard to imagine who they're going to have to settle for.