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Applewhite to Houston?

With Art Briles stepping down at Houston to become the new head coach for Baylor (seriously, Art? Baylor? That's where coaches go to die...), apparently our own Major Applewhite is a strong candidate to replace him. The Huntsville Times reports that he has been contacted by Houston, but nothing further. Personally, I think that's kind of crazy. Applewhite has all the upside and potential of a young OC, but I still think he has a lot to learn (and I think this season lends some creedence to that) about being a play caller at a big time program. And if he isn't quite there yet as an assistant, what makes Houston think he's ready to be a head coach? If he leaves to take the Houston job, I'll wish him the best of luck, but I think he'd be better off staying put and learning for a few more years.