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SEC Packets: Week Whatever Schedule and Picks

Even though the regular season is over, there are still a few precious championship and rivalry games to be had, so that terrifying gap between bowl selection Sunday and Poinsettia Bowl Day is still a few days away. This is what we'll be watching, and how we think they'll turn out.

Army vs Navy
11:00am - CBS
Boston College vs Virginia Tech
1:00pm - ABC
LSU vs Tennessee
3:00pm - CBS
3:30pm - ABC
Oklahoma vs Missouri
7:00pm - ABC
Arizona at Arizona State
7:00pm - ESPN2

OTS Thinks:

Navy over Army: There is no doubt that the Midshipmen are the better team, but it also seems that Paul Johnson will be headed to SMU in a few days, so that will hurt. Nevertheless, no one runs the triple option better than Navy, and the Midshipmen will do their duty and win in a close one.

Boston College over Virginia Tech: The Eagles live off of their high-octane passing attack, and if the Hokies couldn't beat them in Blacksburg in horrendous weather, you can forget about it at a neutral site in good weather. Matt Ryan has a big day, and the Chokies pull off yet another choke-job.

LSU over Tennessee: Long story short, the Vols are the worst team to ever make the SEC Championship Game. It's a fluke, they don't even have four Pythagorean Wins, and they've actually given up more points in conference play than they've scored. The Fat One must have sold his soul to the devil for the luck he's had this year. LSU, on the other hand, clearly isn't great, and at this point it is a given that Miles and Pelini will both be headed North in the days following the SECCG, and Flynn may not play with a shoulder injury. Still, there's no way I can pick a team as crappy as Tennessee. I say the Vols' luck runs out and Miles picks up an SEC title to accompany him on the flight to Ann Arbor.

Oklahoma over Missouri: The Sooners beat Missouri earlier in the year, and they'll do the same this weekend. They are favored and rightly so. And honestly, I imagine that they would have beaten Texas Tech had Bradford not gotten injured, and with him back they will roll. The Sooners win in a fairly close game, and the win moves them to the top of the two-loss teams in the BCS, and by doing so they keep some very slim hopes alive of making New Orleans.

Arizona State over Arizona: Sure the Wildcats beat Oregon, but does it really count if you were playing against one of the Leaf sisters? ASU wins with relative ease.

USC over UCLA: So... USC's ungodly pass rush will be facing... a Bob Connelly offensive line? Wow. That is going to be insane for the Bruins. I say that USC annihilates UCLA, the Trojans move onto the Rose Bowl where they will kill someone else, and Dorrell will be fired at UCLA.