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Fran out, Tubs in at Texas A&M?

Got this link to a TAMU message board post from a reader e-mail:

For those of you at work that cannot watch TV, the earlier post about ESPN News is not really accurate. What was reported is not 'the usual stuff'. They did not announce speculation. They officially announced:

1. Fran out at the end of the year
2. Negotiations have been happening for last 10 days for buy out
3. Official recruiter has been hired by A&M - (said name and I dont remember)
4. A&M officially targeting Tuberville

And sure enough, at

Texas A&M is talking about buying out Franchione's contract, sources have told ESPN college football analyst Andre Ware.


Franchione has been in hot water with the university for a newsletter he was sending out to donors willing to pay $1,200 for inside information. In mid-October, Texas A&M officials admonished Franchione for his secretive, for-pay newsletter and said the embarrassing episode would be a factor in deciding whether he returns next season.


"The Aggies are embarrassed right now," athletic director Bob Byrne said in October. "This has been a very unfortunate incident we do not want to experience again."


Texas A&M is reportedly researching whether Franchione violated his contract with the income he received from the newsletter. If he is found in violation of the contract, the Aggies may not have to pay the coach anything upon firing him.


Ware reported that Texas A&M wants to talk to Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville for a potential vacancy. He reported that the school is working with Chuck Neinas, who runs a consulting firm specializing in hiring coaches.

Now let me just say that I think it is highly unlikely that Tuberville will head to College Station. He just built a big house in Auburn, his family is reportedly very happy there, and after the contract they gave him after the whole private jet scandal, barring total collapse from the Tigers (like, two or three losing seasons), he's there until he's good and ready to go. Plus, why leave a cushy gig at a program you've built into a respectable conference contender year in and year out to go and rebuild another program that will forever be in another school's shadow? Just doesn't make sense.

Then again, if you happen to see any of these babies out in the Tuberville's yard...

But, then again, I never thought Nick Saban would be the head coach of the Crimson Tide, so there's always a possibility.