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SEC Packets: Week Ten Results

Results OTS Picked Nico Picked Todd Picked
Virginia Tech 27
Georgia Tech 3
Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
Florida 49
Vandy 22
Florida Florida Florida
Georgia 44
Troy 24
Ole Miss 38
NW State 31
Ole Miss Ole Miss Ole Miss
Auburn 35
Tennessee Tech 3
Auburn Auburn Auburn
Tennessee 59
La.-Lafayette 7
Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
LSU 41
Alabama 34
Alabama Alabama Alabama
Arkansas 48
South Carolina 36
Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
Virginia 17
Wake Forest 16
Wake Wake Wake
Navy 46
Notre Dame 44
Navy Navy Notre Dame
Missouri 55
Colorado 10
Mizzou Mizzou Colorado
Oregon 35
Arizona State 23
Oregon Oregon Oregon

That puts the count at OTS 89-26 and Nico 85-30, while Todd continues to dig deeper and deeper to 79-36.

Contrarian Contrition:

I had a sick feeling that Notre Dame would manage to screw that up since every time I pick them they do something stupid like, oh, I don't know, failing to outscore a team that lost an offensive shootout to 1AA Deleware, but I had no idea the Buffs would be so piss pantsingly terrible.