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SEC Power Poll: Week Ten Ballot

1. Florida - Their explosive offense got back to being explosive. Sure, it was against Vandy, but just ask Steve Spurrier how amiable the Commie D is to getting your offense clicking.

2. Mississippi State - What the heck, they had a bye, and the memory of the Kentucky upset grows fonder with distance.

3. Arkansas - Pulled the 'Cocks defense's skirts up and gave it to them in many terrible, unnatural ways.

4. LSU - Sloppy play, ridiculous penalties, prone to idiotic decisions...and yet they keep coasting right along with a terrifying talent differential. Damn them. Damn them straight to hell.

5. Tennessee - Followed up an upset of Spurrier with a pantsing of the Ragin Cajuns. Back on track, but for how long?

6. Alabama - Was thoroughly dominated in every aspect of the game by LSU, save the score. Had no business playing that close, but LSU's poor discipline and the Saban instilled work ethic of the Tide made it a thriller. Too bad we came out on the wrong end.

7. Auburn - Murdering Tennessee Tech means nothing. Hope those walk-ons enjoyed their brief moment in the sun.

8. Georgia - Can't fault them for letting a scary mid-major like Troy hang around, but letting the Trojans hang 34 on them means they better hope they don't get a bid to the Sugar Bowl against Hawaii. Man, that would be embarassing.

9. Vanderbilt - I don't know where to put these guys, so I guess they'll just go here.

10. South Carolina - What happened?

11. Kentucky - The memory of the Crooming grows more and more damning after a bye. Amazingly, they haven't won a game since knocking off then #1 LSU.

12. Ole Miss - They suck. Must have still been looking at the film from the Bama game instead of preparing for Northwestern State.