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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Ballot

1. Ohio State: The Buckeyes continue to handle everything thrown their way, so at #1 is where they belong.

2. Oregon: Beat a very good Arizona State team, and Dixon deserves the Heisman. It will be a crime if these guys don't get to play for the MNC. Up from #6.

3. Oklahoma: Will stay put after a pasting of Texas A&M.

4. LSU: Up one spot after needing a late fumble to defeat our own beloved Tide in a game they should have taken control of in the first quarter and never let go. This is a sloppy team that's coasting on talent right now, and that's why I refuse to rank them higher than tOSU, Oregon, and Oklahoma.

5. West Virginia: Up from #7 after a bye week, and with others moving down.

6. Kansas: Up from #8 after an offensive clinic against Nebraska. If these guys could put together an entire game where both the defense and offense played solid, instead of one having to bail out the other, they would be unstoppable. Hell, it kind of looks like they are without it.

7. Missouri: Up from #10 after a thorough pantsing of the Buffs on their home field.

8. Arizona State: Down from #2, but they still put up a good fight against a very good Oregon team. Had Carpenter been healthy, they might still be undefeated.

9. Texas: I'm going to leave them here at #9 since they didn't lose, but man, they sure should have. I kind of hope Bama wins out and we get to face them in the Cotton Bowl. How awesome would that be?

10. Virginia Tech: Up from #12 after a win over a less than spectacular Georgia Tech.

11. Boston College: Down from #4 after a mind numbing loss to Florida State. Will likely face Va. Tech again for the ACC, and they can still get a BCS Bowl if they win out and handle the Chokies.

12. Hawaii: Down from #11. I have no idea where to put these guys.

13. Georgia: Will stay put after a win over a tenacious Troy team.

14. Florida: Up from #16 after handling Vandy.

15. Southern Cal: Up from #17 after avenging last year's loss to Oregon State.

16. Connecticut: Up from #22 after they bested Rutgers, but the Scarlet Knights aren't looking all that hot this season, so this is probably too much of a bump.

17. Auburn: Up one spot after a win over a hapless Tennessee Tech.

18. Clemson: Up one spot after a dominating win over a hapless Duke.

19. Alabama: Down from #14 after being unable to seal the win over LSU later in the fourth. Sigh.

20. Kentucky: Will stay put after a bye.

21. Tennessee: Up from #23 after an expected win over La.-Lafayette.

22. Boise State: Up from #24 after an expected waxing of San Jose State.

23. Virginia: Might as well put the Cavaliers back in after an unexpected win over my previous #15, Wake Forest.

24. Arkansas: The Hogs return to the rankings after knocking South Carolina out of the rankings.

25. BYU: Why not? They're 6-2 and have a good shot at winning out to reach 10 wins.

Dropped Out:
Wake Forest (#15), South Carolina (#21), Colorado (#25)