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The Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index: Week Eleven

Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index
at Mississippi State
vs La. Monroe
at Auburn
When we last visited the BACWI, we saw our hero with a confident swagger headed into the LSU game. He knew it was a risky proposition, and there was a good chance he'd come out a shredded, bloddy mess, but he nevertheless was prepared to take his chances and felt pretty good about it. Unfortunately, not enough breaks went his way, and after putting up a valiant effort there just wasn't enough gas left in the tank to take down the vicious Mountain Cat, which, I suppose, is how these things usually go.

11/10 - at Mississippi State

Looking ahead to Mississippi State, I'm still sticking with Rowdy. I am, of course, concerned about a team that sent last year's season into a death spiral from which it would never recover, and think that Titus Brown could have a Greg Hardy like day against the Tide. Further, with our continued struggles against good interior runners, Anthony Dixon should have a great game against us as well. Thus, the Jim Beam and comforting arms of trashy women. But at the end of the day, this isn't Mike Shula's Tide anymore, and the Mississippi State offense shouldn't be able to outshoot the Alabama offensive attack. That is, if John Parker Wilson can put things together again like he did against Tennessee. Otherwise, pass the Beam.

11/17 - vs Lousiana-Monroe

They gave us a good fight for a half last year, but the talent and depth differentials will wear them out fast enough. They remain at Family Tradition

11/24 - at Auburn

Little Brother had things going after an upset of Florida, but struggles against Arkansas and Ole Miss and giving a game away to LSU (the squib kick was a great wtf moment, wasn't it?) keep me confident. Beating up on Tennessee Tech tells us nothing about their progress, so they remain at Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.