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Petrino to Arkansas: The SEC is Now Ridiculous

Fanblogs is reporting that Bobby Petrino has been hired as the new head coach at Arkansas, and will be announced the new Boss Hawg at a press conference on wednesday. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he resigned his position as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons earlier this evening, to the chagrin of team ownership:

Before the Falcons' 34-14 loss to New Orleans Monday, Blank said that he had heard rumors that Arkansas had targeted Petrino to replace Houston Nutt as head coach. So he said he asked Petrino if he was considering that job.

Petrino, who was signed from the University of Louisville to a five-year, $24.5 million contract Jan. 8, told him Monday afternoon that he definitely would be back to coach the Falcons in 2008.

It was the second time Blank had asked Petrino about his commitment to the team and the second time Petrino told him he would be back next season.

Who wants to bet he doesn't get anywhere near the amount of flak for this as Saban did?

If only Petrino had a last name that rhymed easily with an embodiment of evil...