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Saban Cleaning House?

Apparently the ol' Nicktator has been doing things other than burning up the recruiting trails. It seems that Coach Saban is getting ready to do some serious house cleaning around the Capstone with respect to the current roster. According to an article in today's Montgomery Advertiser:

Saban is in the process of evaluating those younger players and several of them, perhaps as many as a dozen, will be encouraged to transfer to other schools in search of more playing time. The new coach and his staff have spent the year asking players to buy into his process.

Elaborating upon that further...

Saban declined to name any specific players who will not be retained on scholarship, saying that was "their decision" and not his, but he indicated one or two players, as he did in August, will be retained on non-athletic scholarships and released from the team for medical reasons.
He also pointed at a rash of suspensions this year as an indicator of the types of problems the staff incurred in enforcing their will on players

In other words, it seems like we are headed for a lot of attrition. I say good riddance.