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The Long, Strange Odyssey of Jimmy Johns Continues

From QB to RB to FB to LB.  That's Jimmy Johns for you:

Just got back from the first few periods of Alabama football practice, and what did I see? That's right -- some much-anticipated, oft-discussed news:

Jimmy Johns is now a linebacker.

In case you were wondering, he was third-stringer, behind starter Darren Mustin and Cory Reamer as the team prepares for the Independence Bowl on Dec. 30.

Weirdly enough, OTS and I talked at some point during the season where we would like to see Johns. I've been big time in favor of him being used as an H-Back type player (line up at FB, but really be a receiver out of the backfield, plus he's physical enough to also be a lead blocker for a TB or stay in and pass protect for Wilson), but OTS thought he'd be smart to move to linebacker since he's not really a pure runner but he's fast, athletic, and certainly physical enough to play as an outside linebacker and could quite possibly be an NFL caliber LB by the end of his senior season.  Let's hope he's right.

h/t Mac T