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SEC Bowl Selections Announced

Though we don't know exactly where LSU and Georgia will end up (ed. LSU, whether they should be or not, is in the BCS Title Game, while Georgia will represent the SEC in the Sugar Bowl.), the bowl selections for the rest of the SEC have been largely announced. Here goes:

Independence Bowl: Alabama v. Colorado

Cotton Bowl: Arkansas v. Big 12 Team

Chick-Fil-A Bowl: Auburn v. Clemson

Liberty Bowl: Mississippi State v. Central Florida

Outback Bowl: Tennessee v. Wisconsin

Music City Bowl: Kentucky v. Florida State

As said earlier, the BCS selections have not been announced yet, but that will change in a couple of hours and it will wrap up the rest of the bowl berths.

At this point, however, it looks like LSU will be headed to New Orleans to play Ohio State in the national championship game, and Georgia will either be headed to the Sugar Bowl or headed to the Rose Bowl to take on USC.

There has been no announcement yet regarding the Florida Gators, but by process of elimination it seems that they will be headed to Orlando to play in the Capital One Bowl. Once there, they will be playing a team from the Big Ten, most likely Ron Zook and his former Illinois squad.

South Carolina has been left out of the bowl picture. The Gamecocks' official website states that they have learned that they will be sitting at home come this bowl season.