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SEC Packets: Week Whatever Results

Navy 38
Army 3
Virginia Tech 30
Boston College 16
LSU 21
Tennessee 14
USC 24
Oklahoma 38
Missouri 17
Arizona State 20
Arizona 17

Contrarian Conceit...:
I have to say that I was a little surprised by OTS and Nico sticking with Boston College. OTS has spent the better part of this season talking about how BC isn't a great team and they'll crap out down the stretch, and Tech could have handled them the first time around if they had found any semblance of the offensive potential that they've shown since then. I have to admit I was a little worried during the first half, but once the Tech D and special teams came alive like they have time and time again, it was a foregone conclusion.

...and a little contrition.
I picked the games this week, and decided to leave out West Virginia and Pitt because I was too tempted to take Pitt over the Mountaineers since WVU is the biggest bunch of choke artists this side of Jenna Jameson. D'oh.

The Mountaineer playbook, apparently.

So that puts the count at OTS 110-33, Nico 105-38, and Todd 98-45. Apparently I'm going to have to sweep the bowls to take care of this thing. I think I'm up to it.