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The closest LSU should get to the National Title Game... playing in the Sugar Bowl a week before. Say what you will about Ohio State not deserving to be there, but they are a one loss team who's only loss came against a pretty good opponent while they managed to smother everyone else they played, and LSU struggled to win for most of the season, overlooked just about every team they played (including Tulane), and have no business being there. And yeah, I hate LSU and the entire state of Louisiana after all the hate mail we've gotten this season since you corn dog smelling coonasses can't seem to get over being jilted by Nick Saban, but this isn't sour grapes making me say LSU shouldn't be in the title game. This is watching you lose to both Kentucky and Arkansas because your hubris got the best of you. This is watching you dick around for three and a half quarters because you're LSU and you didn't think you'd have to play to win, just show up. This is watching your goober coach make boneheaded decision after boneheaded decision and get bailed out time and again by the talent level on his roster. If I had my druthers, HAWAII would be in your place, because after all the insanity and choke jobs that we've seen this season, the one team everyone gave a bunch of crap to about how they didn't play anyone (I'm sure Boise State would take humbrage at that statement), they aren't that good, and blah blah blah, is still undefeated despite falling behind in games, needing OT to win, and losing a star QB for games. For every excuse every other top ranked team over the course of the season has made for why they couldn't handle being at the top, Hawaii has faced that same adversity, and yet they still managed to come out unscathed. I'm still an opponenet of a play off system, but this year's BCS is a total load of bullshit, and the human voters should have had enough guts to put Hawaii in a spot to compete for the title after all of the BCS teams proved they weren't up to the task.

If I'm not seeing this in New Orleans, I'm not going to bother watching.