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Crimson Tide Links and Such: 12/26/2007

Start your day off with a little snarky fun by reading the goobiest editorial/sales pitch EVAHS:

The place is teeming with restaurants, both locally owned ones we natives like as well as those familiar name brands you trust with your palate. Shopping? Got that aplenty, from the Louisiana Boardwalk to a couple malls and a nexus of commercialism down state Highway 1 South.

For the star gazers among you, be sure to head to the Phoenix Underground, a favorite of Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson

And considering the "success" of her latest release, she'll likely be back there drowning her box office sorrows soon.

Good news for you special teams enthusiasts, Javier Arenas has been cleared for full contact.

The Tide will return to practice this afternoon at 12:45 after a two hour practice under the lights Christmas evening, and also a little karaoke.

On the recruting front, SI has an article about the current roster's role:

Said Saban, "One of the things (recruits) need to evaluate is, 'Do I feel comfortable with the players they have on the team?' They are going to be their teammates, so certainly that's something I think is important.

"It helps those guys feel more comfortable. And the more the guys they meet and know and feel comfortable with, it only helps our chances with having success with getting them here."

Fun fact for the "Alabama is ruining college football by paying Saban so much" crowd (emphasis mine):

To further contrast the programs, which will play in Sunday's Independence Bowl, Colorado has won one national title compared to Alabama's 12, the Buffaloes are 12-15 in bowl games while the Crimson Tide has an NCAA-leading 55 appearances and 30 wins, and Hawkins' contract of five years, $4.25 million is slightly more than what Alabama coach Nick Saban averages per season.

The Colorado Athletics site has some great information on their Bowl Central page about both teams.

They also have a round up of quotes from Colorado coach Dan Hawkins:

ON PLAYING A TEAM WITH A REPUTATION LIKE ALABAMA--"I think it's certainly an attention grabber in that way, no question about that. I think we all know and understand the history of Alabama and have a tremendous amount of respect for the SEC. I think any time you get into a bowl game you always want to play the best possible team that you can play. Even though their record is just like us, not where they want it to be, they are a very formidable team. I think that definitely grabs your attention."

ON WHETHER ALABAMA'S WIN OVER TENNESSEE WAS THEIR MOST SIGNIFICANT WIN--"I don't know. I mean, clearly Tennessee finished up strong and had a great year and did a nice job. But you would have to ask them (Alabama). All coaches are very similar; I'm sure to them it's like 'OK, we won one of those game, but what about the other games?' I'm sure they feel the same way very much like we do."

ON THE SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE --"I definitely think that it is going around the country and playing different teams and different styles--I have always thought that the SEC is a little bigger, a little faster and more physical in every range--in general. Not taking anything away from the Big 10 or the Pac-10 or the Big 12 by any means. I just think that top to bottom, no matter who you're playing there is a physicality to the whole thing. I think you're starting to see with Steve Spurrier out at South Carolina he's starting to spread it out and teams are starting to do those types of things as well, but overall it's just the physicality of things."

ON WHY ALABAMA'S MASCOT IS AN ELEPHANT--"I don't know. Hey, if bear Bryant wants an elephant it's an elephant. That's all I know. It can be whatever he wants it to be."

Also, be sure to check out the surreal brilliance that is Bloggin' with Hawk.

And finally, your morning YouTube comes courtesy Johnny Cash and Marty Stuart: