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Holiday Bowl Open Thread: Arizona State vs Texas

For actual intelligent previewage of tonight's Holiday Bowl, go see SMQ.


Thursday, 12/27/07
Qualcomm Stadium
San Diego, CA
7pm CST - ESPN


Food Network Programming Interest Level: Iron Chef America.

This is the first quality match of the season (though, if you watched the Motor City Bowl last night, you'll agree that isn't the first quality game so far), and weirdly I've been very excited about it since they started running those stupid "insert team reference lives here!" commercials for it last week. I say weirdly since I don't have a dog in the fight since I generally feel a sort of benign indifference towards both the Longhorn and Sun Devil football teams, but when it comes to hot cheerleader ogling? You probably couldn't have picked a better set of teams. Behold:

We have both the tried and true wholesome sexy of the Texas Pom Squad (well, as wholesome as you can get when chaps and hot pants are involved) to admire, and then there's the ASU squad that produced Miss Courtney Cox Simpson (how ironic that she had to change her totally appropriate given name to appear in pr0n because a legitimate actress already made it famous) and is still cranking out the dirty as seen by the clear photo evidence that they are, in fact, down with the shocker. So yeah, this one has quality entertainment value written all over it, from what should be an excellent game on the field to the cheerleadering antics on the sidelines.

Who does Todd think will win?
I have to go with the Sun Devils here, only because I don't see the Texas defense stopping them enough times. Over under here should be somewhere around 80, with Jamaal Charles having a crazy good night, but still not being enough to take up the slack of the Longhorns' fairly miserable defense.

Who does Todd hope will win?
I used to hate Texas since Alabama has never beaten the Longhorns, the Bryant and Stallings/TAMU connection, and the simple fact that I really don't even like anything about the state of Texas all that much (save Willie Nelson and the highly addictive Friday Night Lights,) but once Fran headed to College Station, well, Hook 'em. Plus, friend of RBR Peter Bean is a Texas man, so I guess I'll have to pull for the 'horns tonight.