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Awards for Andre

Alabama left tackle Andre Smith was bestowed today with some pretty impressive awards.

First and foremost, he was named, along with Arkansas center Jonathon Luigs, as recipients of the Jacobs Blocking Trophy, symbolic of the SEC Offensive Lineman of the Year Award. Moreover, Andre was also named to the All-SEC Football Team.

The awards are both given out based on the voting of the coaches of the SEC.

The interesting thing of it all, really, is that Andre Smith was thought to have had a bit of a down year. He did well, obviously, but many felt that Andre was having a bit of a sophomore slump after an extremely impressive season as a true freshman. I imagine that it only shows how great Andre has the potential to be when he can win SEC Offensive Lineman of the Year, and be named to the All-SEC team, in a "bad" year for him.