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Tuesday AM Links and Such

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Corn Nation has a review of Bear - The Legendary Life of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.  I haven't read it yet (the last book I read was No Country For Old Men around Thanksgiving and haven't been able to bring myself to start anything else since, something that's really started to affect my reading habits in my old age), but it's on the trusty Amazon wishlist and his review makes me want to pick it up next.  If any of you guys have read it (or any other Alabama/sports related books that you'd like to recommend), leave your thoughts in the comments or diaries.

And speaking of Coach Bryant, Via Deadspin, The Bear Had No Use For Sideline Reporters:

"I don't have to apologize for who I play, I'm trying to win the game."

Apparently Gene Stallings considered bowling an effective recruiting tool, as he took future Gator and Heiman Winner Danny Wuerffel out for a few frames while recruiting him:

...when I (Woody McCorvey) was at Alabama in the 1990s. I had been recruiting Danny. He came to Tuscaloosa for a recruiting visit during the week. He didn't come on the weekend. Coach (Gene) Stallings had a lot of time to spend with him. Danny even went to a lot of classes. Coach Stallings took him bowling.

Congratulations to UA senior pitcher Brandon Belcher, who earned SEC Pitcher of the Week honors.

Not to keep picking on Trey, but the wacky Vermont traffic law stories just keep on coming.  Next time he's out he should take a cue from George Jones and one Raymond M. Jensen, and then he could drive under the influence of whatever he wanted!

A Hydeville man was acquitted Thursday of charges he drove drunk on a riding lawnmower -- although one state official maintains the DUI law applies to such vehicles.

A jury deliberated for less than an hour before finding Raymond M. Jensen, 48, innocent of a single felony count of DUI.

Thinking of sending your wife/girlfriend/wife and girlfriend (naughty naughty) flowers tomorrow?  Think again, Mr. Pollution.

Just tell her you didn't send flowers because you were concerned about global warming. She'll TOTALLY understand.