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Wednesday AM Links and Such

First there was a one armed monkey in a Ford Expedition, Paul Finebaum and the Crocodile Hunter discussing the finer points of alligator wrestling, and Stan White's demented servant handing out autographed pictures from his man purse, and then Nick Saban and Tommy Tuberville show up in doctors scrubs.  That's when things really get weird...

After Saturday's loss to UGA, the gymnastics team fell two spots to #5.  Coach Sarah Patterson is putting the team through extra work on the beam, where they've managed six falls in two road trips, before heading to #15 Arkansas on Friday.

Ding dong, the Witch Rule 3-2-5e is dead in grave danger more than likely coming back as a weirder, stupider version of itself.

Via Fark, The Kansas State Collegian brings us Ten of the Greatest College Pranks ever pulled.  The great CalTech 1961 Rose Bowl prank is very deserving of the top spot, but my personal favorite comes in at #10, courtesy of Louisiana Tech:

10. Unusual clock tower, Louisiana Tech University

Pranks can be pretty simple and still entertaining. Students at Louisiana Tech University programmed the campus clock tower to play the song "Dueling Banjos" over the speakers on the hour, instead of the standard bell ring you traditionally hear. Many students at Louisiana Tech were confused as they thought the bell noise came from a real bell up until that day.

Bless their coonasses hearts.

Fox Sports has a list of Top 10 Useless Sports Traditions, and #9 on the list is one of the many reasons college ball is far superior to the NFL:

9. NFL overtime rules
Most sports use the "equal opportunity" model when it comes to overtime rules -- most sports except the NFL, that is. The NFL rules give an advantage to the team that wins the coin toss. The team that wins the toss and receives the first possession in sudden-death overtime gets a leg up, even if they fail to score. While the statistics don't indicate an enormous edge in winning percentage to the team that earns the first possession, it still creates an uneven playing field at the beginning of overtime. It may be rare, but the system is always scrutinized when the uncommon case of a team with the first possession scores and wins.

Solution: Like college football, both teams should have at least one possession in overtime. If the team that wins the toss scores on its opening possession, the opposing team should be given a drive with the football to equal the score. If the team that earned the first possession of overtime fails to score, sudden-death rules fall in place.

It is so on!  SMQ and The Mayor are squaring up for THE DEBATE TO END ALL DEBATES.  Stay with BON for further prelude.

Like that, but with lots more argumentastic written word ass kicking and less greasey residue left by Alec Baldwin.