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Your "Not Just a Football School" Update...

...courtesy the Softball Team, and this amusing story about the recruiting of Charlotte Morgan.  It seems that softball coach Patrick Murphy found himself in an unusual predicament, suspended for two games after making contact with an umpire while arguing a call (who hasn't been there before?  Am I right?  Am I right?), all while expecting a top recruit from California.  He wound up watching the team play with the Morgan family and took the opportunity to get to know the girl and her family.  It paid off, as Morgan is the current SEC Freshman of the Week and will bemaking her Tuscaloosa debut today in the Bama Bash! tournament.

Of course, a recruiting visit wasn't the only thing that swayed Morgan to Tuscaloosa over Texas and UCLA.  She saw signs along the way:

"The day I went home [from Alabama] and was driving to UCLA, I saw an Alabama license plate with a bumper sticker that said, 'Roll Tide,'" she said. "When I was in Texas I saw someone wearing an Alabama hat."

Much like Santa, we're everywhere, we're everywhere, Lord have mercy.

So good luck today Ms. Morgan.  We're glad to have you here.