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Now that the staff is once again complete...

...and specific duties have been assigned (and released to the public), let's take a look at who's on board and their roles on the coaching staff, starting with the head man himself.

Head Coach - Nick Saban

We all know the story; took LSU from SEC middler to conference powerhouse before bolting for the NFL, realizing the pros aren't what they're cracked up to be, and causing a firestorm of criticism and ill will by returning to the SEC by taking the Alabama job.  That pretty well sums it up.

If this were a movie, he would be played by: Frank Whaley

Offensive Coordinator - Major Applewhite

Though I had some doubts about the inclusion of Applewhite on the staff, I've since come to accept and embrace the idea of the former Texas QB at the helm of the Tide offense.  Though he grew up an Alabama fan, he was never offered a scholarship and instead became a hero to the Longhorn faithful before embarking on a career in coaching, first as a GA with the Longhorns before moving up to QB coach at Syracuse in 2005.  It was at his next stop, however, where Applewhite would earn his stripes.  As offensive coordinator for the Rice Owls during the 2006 season, he was the youngest coordinator in Division 1 football.  During his only season in that position, his spread offense scored the most points of any Rice team in the school's history, produced the only team with a 1,000 yard rusher, passer and receiver in school history, and lead the team to it's first bowl appearance in four decades.

If this were a movie, he would be played by: Patrick Renna

Associate Head Coach/Running Backs - Burton Burns

Before arriving at the Capstone, Burns spent the past eight seasons coaching the running backs at Clemson, helping to produce six of the top ten offenses in school history.  This past season, James Davis earned ACC Rookie of the Year honors under Burns's tutelage, rushing for 1,187 yards on 203 carries (5.85 ypc) and 17 TDs, while freshman C.J. Spiller came close to giving Clemson two 1,000 yard backs, gaining 938 yards and 10 TDs.  His running backs at Clemson have also been known as both excellent rushers as well as pass catchers, something to bear in mind when considering the spread attack Applewhite looks to install.  In his playing days, Burns played under legendary Nebraska coach Tom Osborne as a fullback, appearing in an Orange, Cotton, and Sugar Bowl before graduating.  

If this were a movie, he would be played by: Wendell Pierce