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Fat Tuesday Links and Such

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, Nicole is torturing her dogs.

They're just lucky she doesn't have a purse big enough to carry them.

Looks like Coach Saban's staff is complete (again), now that former NC State recruiting coordinator, TE coach and QB coach Curt Cignetti is on board.  Maybe now we won't go losing out on any more Phillip Rive...Riverses?  Riversi?  Whatever.

The spring practice schedule has been released, and things won't get started for another month or so.  Meanwhile in Austin...

Paul Westerdawg updates the South Park SEC Coaches:

Though I love how they captured Les's seething resentment, There's something wrong with Urban Meyer's face.  It's almost as if he's...happy?

Give credit where credit is due, the Teagles deserve this title:

That directed reading course in hand painting paid off big time!