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Hump Day (hee) Links and Such

Memphis Tider chronicles his trip to T-town and tour of the athletics facilities with loads of pictures and one startling revelation:

One thing that's interesting about the trophies - All four of the Rose Bowl trophies are duplicates. The University lost the originals, probably back in the 40s, and had to make duplicates. Not too many people know that.

Remember the Rose Bowl indeed.

Is anybody else concerned about (and/or amused by) the Capstone Report's fascination with a certain high school cheerleader?

She looked 18, officer!  I swear!

Won't somebody please think of the children?!

Won't somebody please think of Eddie Van Halen's child?!

Looking at the rest of the site, it appears this is an Onion-style parody, but it's still amusing:

Members of the OSU chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon have started a "unique humanitarian effort" designed to aid area homeless shelters.

"Pretty basically, we saw that our main refrigerator was 'busting at the seams,' shall we say, with leftover ketchup, soy sauce, and Taco Bell sauce packets," he said, filling a grocery bag with the condiments. "We got to thinking that there were probably many frats and sororities with the same problem, and a lot of homeless people who have no relish packs for whatever food those people get fed."