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Bad News Everybody

It's going to be a rough September:

7. The Crimson Tide will lose three times in September: New Alabama coach Nick Saban will win his first two games, over Division I-AA Western Carolina and Vanderbilt. But then the Crimson Tide will drop consecutive home games to Arkansas and Georgia, followed by a blowout loss to Florida State in Jacksonville, Fla. Tide fans will exclaim, "This guy ain't the Bear!"

But before you get your panties all in a bunch (I mean, if ESPN says it, it must be true, right?), let's go over this guy's dubious claims to football psychicrie:

Here's some of what I told you would happen during the 2006 season:

I predicted Miami would struggle and end up playing in the Champs Sports Bowl. Hurricanes fans told me I was dead wrong. They were right -- the Hurricanes beat Nevada 21-20 in the lesser MPC Computers Bowl in Boise, Idaho.

After the continuing craptacularness of the Miami offense over the past few seasons, who didn't see the 'Canes playing in a crap bowl last season?

I told you Auburn would finish unbeaten and play in the BCS title game. The Tigers lost twice and didn't even play in the SEC championship game.

I predicted the Teagles would only win 9 games during the regular season, and they won 10!  That's pretty close, right?  Does that mean I can write for ESPN?  PREDICTION! Georgia will play Florida this year.  I am so on the money!

I told you Mitch Mustain would start at Arkansas (I didn't tell you he would transfer) and Matthew Stafford would start at Georgia.

After the soap opera recruiting of Mustain, and the fact that the Hogs were coming off of back to back losing seasons without a proven winner at QB and little to no passing game, who didn't think Mustain would get the chance to start at some point during the season?  Stafford, well, I didn't really care, so I'll give you that one.

I told you the Big East would be better than the ACC (I also slightly suggested at midseason -- when Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina were struggling -- that the Big East was better than the SEC).

I might give him this one, but with West Virginia's Sugar Bowl win over UGA and the general consensus that Louisville was for real and would handle (former) ACC power Miami, anyone remotely interested in college football knew that the Big East wasn't as weak as it used to be.

So yeah, Schlabach, we'll be revisiting this come October.