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Wednesday AM Links and Such

The Capstone Report is all over the University's lawsuit against Daniel Moore.  

Now that Finebaum is on WJOX, WERC (AM 960) will feature a show hosted by Kenny Stabler and Chris Stewart in it's place.

In an effort to restore it's place in the college post-season, The Cotton Bowl Athletic Association has voted to move the historic game to the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in 2010.  That's right folks, The Cotton Bowl won't be played at the Cotton Bowl anymore.  As weird as it sounds, I'm kind of glad they are moving it.  I've always hated that it was relegated to second tier status and the Fiesta Bowl was brought into the BCS, and if this makes it a top bowl again, then good on it.

Thanks a lot, jerks.

Does this guy have any eligibility left?  Cause we could probably use him on the defensive line...

Finally, a Hall of Fame that speaks to me. (h/t the M Zone)

What, no mention of former Tide cheerleader (and all that is beauty) Sela Ward?

Via Deadspin, the most awful, disgusting, sexist, completely awesome and you know you will visit and vote through every round contest you'll see today.  But really, they're all winners for being included.

You'll have to pardon the second helping of YouTubery, but The Card Chronicle rounds up the various YouTube offerings from Kentucky fans who are strangely unable to contain their terrible, terrible ideas for musical tributes to their beloved 'Cats whenever a video camera is around:

And I love it!

Go read the post for even more hilarious entries.