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Monday AM Links and Such

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Once again, Nico and I are working on the same thing at the same time, so please forgive any double links.

I'd like to welcome Eight in the Box to the Bama Blogosphere with a link to their excellent post showing how ESPN had no trouble smearing the residents of Tuscaloosa and Tennessee but have taken umbrage at Saban's use of a "racial slur."

It's all fun and games until the effete upper crust get their panties in a bunch

But don't worry, ESPN, Cool Hand isn't bitter.  In fact, he's actually sorry about the whole mess.

Tide Basketball took control of the SEC West Saturday, sitting a half game ahead of the 4-5 Tigers and Rebels.  Good night, this season has gotten weird...

Recruiting News:

This was the final weekend for recruiting with signing day coming up in two days, and Alabama landed a few more comitts:

Dora DE (who will play OLB at Alabama) Chavis Williams de-committed from Arkansas and chose the Tide after receiving a scholarship offer from Alabama.

Houston CB Tarence Farmer committed to Alabama solely because of Saban:

"I committed to Alabama because of Nick Saban."

Farmer has never seen Tuscaloosa and was not considering Alabama before the hire of Saban. He added, "I'm making the visit this weekend. I have never been there, but from what I hear it's a very nice place."

Which dovetails nicely with Cecil Hurt's column this week. Read it for his take on the "Saban Effect" and how signing day looks to be more interesting this year.

Looks like we might lose Murphy, Sidell Corley is headed to LSU, and DE Jeremy Elder is Bama bound..

Memphis Tider thinks Joe McKnight did visit Alabama after all, though SMQ has a recruiting model up that predicts McKnight is LSU bound.  

Keep checking the commitment list and Clay for more updates.

Not that there was a lot of doubt, but Alabama has the funds to pay both Saban and his new staff as well as the fired coaches.

Today's "Not Just a Football School" Update courtesy the Men's Track Team.

The Mayor has a heartwarming tale of how he introduced his three year old son to all that is good and right with music: Free Bird.

If that doesn't deserve a second helping of YouTubery, I don't know what does.