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Signing Day Shocker: Todd Lands Pac-10 Cheesecake

Birmingham, AL - In what is being considered the biggest shock of national signing day, co-author Todd of the popular and influential Alabama blog Roll Bama Roll announced the signing of Notre Dame High School product and Los Angeles native Katharine McPhee to be his new official cheesecake next season:

"With the loss of Jessica Alba to engagement and the severe lack of hott pictures and/or YouTube videos of Anna Faris, I really felt like this was the best option for the site."

Star recruit Katharine McPhee in action

Asked how she made the tough decision to leave Pac-10 country for an SEC blog, McPhee acknowledged the pressure to stay in state but felt that "it was the right move.  I mean, I lost to that Hicks guy and he's from Alabama, and it's, like, every year that someone from down there is winning, you know, so I thought why not?  I could stay out here and be just another pretty pop star or I can head south and be, like, totally adored.  I really feel like it's my best opportunity to move into the big leagues."

The fax machine is still abuzz at RBR central, with letters from previous commits Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz, and that chick from the Mercury commercials still expected, providing plenty of competition for the young McPhee to break into the starting rotation her rookie season.

"It's going to be an interesting spring, I can tell you that much," said Todd, referring to the level of talent headed to Roll Bama Roll.  "McPhee is the odds on favorite right now, but there's something about that Mercury spokesmodel that makes me think she could be a real star for us."

Lord she's crazy 'bout a Mercury...