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Meanwhile, at Stately Jones Manor...

...that blackhole of communications, Charter, is busy making sure my little part of Homewood is sans cable and/or internet for another frustratingly long period of time.

I'd go with satellite, but one of those little grey dishes is just going to look weird sitting on top of the east wing.

Anywho, will be updating the commitments list as the verbals sign, while Rivals will be on top of the non-verbals considering the Tide.

Announcement times of note:

Joe McKnight, Brandon Gibson - 11 AM
Marquis Maze - 2:30 PM

Former verbal Kourtnei Brown is expected to switch to Clemson. No surprise there as he committed to the Shula staff back in July and has no particular loyalty to Alabama, being from NC and all.  Best of luck in that awful uniform.