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I Thought It Was Friday...

...and Then Cursed Mightily When I Realized It Was Only Thursday AM Links and Such

Still no cable/internet at Stately Jones Manor.  Charter Communications, you are the devil.

Tide Basketball needed another last second basket from the injured Ronald Steele to win at home.  BamaHoops will be along to fill in the rest of the story, but I'm going to show my fairweather fandom (and possible lack of taste in music) by quoting Ryan Adams:  "I used to feel sad now I'm just bored with you."

On the recruiting front, Coach Saban managed to haul in a top ten class (as rated by Rivals, 19 by Scout), despite the efforts of the media to tell you he's already a failure, Alabama has been relegated to the dustbin of history and that it uses local nursing homes to store crack and guns, the sales of which fund all those scholarships he's been handing out.  Okay, I made the crack and guns part up, but I wouldn't put it past them.

The Birmingham News has an article up about new Tide signee Marquis Maze:

Maze said he's a fan of senior Tide receiver Tyrone Prothro. Tide coaches hope he is a blend of Prothro and another former Tide mini-mite, Birmingham's David Palmer, when he reports to campus.

"Marquis is, without a doubt, hands-down the best athlete I've ever coached," Tarrant's Donnie Rogers said. ``I don't know a single football player who can do the things he can do."

I'm sure everyone reading this is as excited as I am about seeing him in Crimson and White.

Hack takes umbrage at this description of National Signing Day.

The M Zone would probably frustrate the Bama message board members who live and die by the capricious whim of 18 year olds.

I'm glad Robert Elliot has his priorites straight when it comes to choosing a college.

"At first I was going to go to Florida State or Ole Miss," said Elliott. "It helped when Croom told me I could come in and wear No. 2. It was really where I could go and feel comfortable and rock my No. 2. I have been wearing it since peewee and that's the only number I can rock. If I put something else on,it won't look right on me. I figure you've got to look good to play good. I can't wear those double digit numbers."