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Off Topic: USA 2, Mexico 0 - GOL! GOL! GOL! GOL!

The 'ol Red, White & Blue put another 2-0 smackdown on archrival Mexico last night at a sold out University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. Since 2000, the US is 8-2-1 against Mexico and is 7-0-1 at home during that same stretch (I attended the one tie at home in Houston in '03.) Our 21st century undefeated eight game streak at home also has us outscoring them 13-0. Mexico has not scored a goal on US soil in 753 minutes of play stretching back to 1999.

Jimmy Conrad had a beast of a performance at central defense and youngster Jonathan Bornstein had a great second half for us at left back. Hopefully we can make him a lock at that position given the difficult time we've had filling it. It's nice to see Donovan display some of the killer instinct he's been lacking lately.

As is typical, the Mexican team refused to shake hands and trade jerseys with the US after the game (well, they will do it when they win, just not when they lose.)

Consider this quote from US playmaker Landon Donovan:

"The sportsmanship -- it would be nice if you guys (reporters) and the Mexican press talked about it, because it's really poor. When we lose to them there, we shake their hands and say, `Good job.' There's none of that reciprocally, and it's kind of disappointing."

Now consider this quote from perpetual crybaby Rafael Marquez:

"They were a little opportunistic and stayed in their own end for the majority of the match, but they did beat us. Considering the tactics that they utilized, I think that is the credit I would give them considering the fact that on the field, they were not superior to us."

I wonder if that quote might have anything to do with the fact that Donovan made Marquez look like he was wearing cement shoes on that second goal?

Anyway, here's the highlights on the two goals. Watch after the second goal how Mexican goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez tries to take a swipe at US striker Eddie Johnson.

Scoring Summary
Jimmy Conrad (52nd minute)
Landon Donovan (90+ minute)