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Today's "Not Just a Football School" Update...

...courtesy the Gymnastics, Tennis, and Rowing (?!) Teams.

The No. 4 Gymnastics team downed No. 5 UCLA (can I get a SEC RULZ PAC10DRULZZZ!!!!11?) Friday night 197.225-196.475 before a crowd of 10,045.  

Casey Overton scored a 9.850 on the balance beam friday night, helping to dominate an event that's been the thorn in the gymanstics team's side this season.

Both the Men's and Women's Tennis Teams took on the Mississippi schools this weekend, the Men at home and the Women on the road.  The No. 28 Men's Tennis Team upset No. 7 Ole Miss on Friday in Tuscaloosa, while the Women downed the Rebs in Oxford to pick up their first conference win of the season.  Sunday saw the Men rally against Mississippi State to come out on top 4-3, while the Women weren't so lucky, giving State it's first conference win in Starkville.

Check it out!  We've got a rowing team!

Insert "Row Tide" joke here.