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Top 25 Non-Conference Games of '07: Georgia Tech at Notre Dame


Saturday, September 1st
Georgia Tech at Notre Dame
South Bend, Indiana
Notre Dame Stadium

Notre Dame leads the all-time series with a record of 27-5-1. Notre Dame won the last meeting in 2006 in Atlanta by a score of 14-10.

Georgia Tech rose to the top of their division in '06...a down year for ACC powers Florida State and Miami. Still, this was no small feat considering Virginia Tech finished the season 10-3. Georgia Tech dropped their opening game against Notre Dame in Atlanta, but it was a hard fought contest that they lost 10-14. After losing to Wake Forest in the ACC title game, GT lost to West Virginia in the Gator Bowl 35-38 to finish the season 9-5.

ND opened the '06 campaign ranked #2 in the AP poll and (unbelievably) slid two spots to #4 after their close call in Atlanta. Then, they thumped Penn State and returned to #2. After getting hammered by Michigan, the Irish found themselves at #12. ND only had one other regular season loss (to USC) and was poised to make yet another BCS appearance despite there being an overwhelming consensus that their 9-2 regular season record wasn't enough evidence that they belonged in the BCS. LSU absolutely humiliated ND to the tune of 41-14 and the Irish post season losing streak continued. ND finished the season 10-3 with their best wins coming against Penn State and UCLA (not to mention their come back against a completely self-impoding Michigan State.)

If GT couldn't get the job done against the Irish in Atlanta, I don't think they're going to handle them in South Bend. Regardless, it's an interesting match-up and last year's contest between the two made it an easy inclusion on the list.

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