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God on Prothro: "No Comment"

SMQ scores another excellent interview, this time with God, and takes a few moments to discuss his role in the "The Catch":

That's the kind of thing I would have taken credit for 4,000 years ago, whether it was really guided by My hand or not. I am secure enough now though to admit that was all Tyrone.

Why Auburn didn't get to the title game in 2004:

I think I've been pretty good to Alabama fans. I've blessed them with dozens of championships of all varieties, bowl victories, all these achievements the clan claims for itself, and I've smitten their enemies - I mean, it's subtler than it used to be, you can't go around sending plagues and striking down the first-born these days, but who do you think kept Auburn out of the Mythical Championship Game in 2004? Jeff Sagarin?

And the future of Tyrone Prothro:

I can't answer that at this time. I can't get into specifics.

Go read the whole thing for more enlightenment on the Almighty's relationship with Alabama Football and why no one should like Golf.

All Tyrone