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Dave Rader to Austin Peay?

According to the Tuscaloosa News, former OC Dave Rader is a finalist for the head coaching job at 1-AA Austin Peay.  Personally, I hope he gets it.  As much as we thought his offense sucked (though to be fair, when he was calling the plays in the Independence Bowl we actually, you know, scored TDs), I thought it was a shame that he was talked out of retirement only to see his coaching areer driven right back into the ground.

From the other candidates, former UAB assistant Rick Christophel stands out as Rader's biggest competition.  He served as DC twice at UAB and coached just about every position while he was with the Blazers.  Further, former UAB HC Watson Brown (now with D-1AA Tennessee Tech) served as HC at Austin Peay from '79-'80, and if memory serves Christophel was on that staff as well.  If there are still any Good Ol' Boys left in the APSU Good Ol' Boy network from back then, he might be a shoe in.  Either way, best of luck to Coach Rader.