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Wednesday Morning "We Wish Football Season Was Here" Links

While the majority of college sports bloggers are rambling on ceaselessly about some basketball tournament, some people have their priorities in order. College Football Resource has posted an old article by Tom Dienhart on his site about why college football is better than college basketball.

Sunday Morning Quarterback is back on their "An Absurdly Premature Assessment of..." series. Great stuff as usual from SMQ.

The Mayor is reorganizing the universe once again. Entertaining as always.

There's some craziness going on over in Los Angeles regarding some USC players and a Facebook group. Needless to say, Bruins Nation has a strong opinion about it. Conquest Chronicles addresses the issue as well.

Anxiously awaiting the start of football season and don't know what to do with yourself? Read Scot's movie reviews since he watches good movies and get some ideas for your Netflix queue.

Saw The Hold Steady last night at Bottletree. Good show and a good crowd. Met up with 3choboomer. Start blogging again man!