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Top 25 NCGs of 2007: Oklahoma State at Georgia

(Part 5 of 25 on the most interesting Non-Conference Games of 2007)


Saturday, September 1st
Oklahoma State at Georgia
Athens, Georgia
Sanford Stadium

Oklahoma State met Alabama in last year's Independence Bowl. Their option ground game was dang near impossible to stop. Incredibly, they had a hard time stopping our offense even though they didn't give up many yards. The game wound up being an offense-fest that even included a trick play where offensive tackle Andre Smith caught a touchdown pass. Oklahoma State won the game on their last possession after Alabama (for some reason I'll never understand) switched back to a three man front. Needless to say, OSU's '06 campaign was similar to Bama's in that they both had a 6-6 regular season record full of ups and downs and finished middle of the pack in their respective conferences.

Georgia, on the other hand, had a slightly disappointing year by Mark Richt standards despite the 9 win season. Richt, who was averaging 10 wins a year headed into '06 saw his team struggle against Colorado (who lost to I-AA Montana State a few weeks before the two teams met) and Ole Miss as well as losing to SEC weaklings like Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Later in the year, they absolutely slaughtered Auburn (the only team to beat national champion Florida) and then beat Virginia Tech in the Peach Bowl. A yo-yo year for the Bulldogs despite finishing up 9-4.

I see Georgia winning this one. Definitely a game Bama fans will want to watch considering Oklahoma State is the last team we've played and that we play Georgia early in the season.

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