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The Barking Kudu Sucks

For any of our Birmingham readers that might like to go out for a drink now and again, don't bother going to The Barking Kudu.  I met a few friends down there for some drinks and to watch a little basketball, and was thrown out by the owner because I stuck a Jameson Irish Whiskey sticker on the bar that a bunch of chicks had come through handing out to everyone.  Apparently someone had just slapped a bunch of the stickers all over the bathroom and someone else had trashed the bathroom a few nights ago.  Quick word of advice: if you don't want people that have been drinking doing things like putting stickers all over your place, then don't a) let people hand out stickers in your bar and b) don't own a bar. Anyway, I put one of the stickers on the bar (the concrete one that the sticker peeled right back off of, by the way, so it's not like I screwed up his expensive custom mahogany bar or anything) and the owner was a total jerk about it, coming over and telling us we had to close out and leave because he doesn't come over to our houses and trash them.  So whatever, the Barking Kudu sucks, don't go there.

Also, please forgive me for the next few days if I routinely mention that the Barking Kudu sucks. I'd very much like for this site/message to be the top hit on Google for anyone searching for "The Barking Kudu." As I hate UT is fond of saying, "I wouldn't piss off the boys from Alabama."

On the plus side, I got a bunch of temporary tattoos.