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This State Loves Football...Cuba Edition

Last year, I posted a photo from the Meiji Shrine (a Shinto shrine) in Japan where there was a little wooden prayer plaque asking for a national championship for the Tide and for pain and misfortune to be delivered to Auburn fans.

Here's the latest instance I've been told about involving Bama stuff in foreign lands....

A friend of mine went to Cuba over spring break. She's in school at Alabama, but is an Auburn fan (boo! hiss!) Anyway, one of the places they visited was La Bodeguita Del Medio, a favorite hang out of Hemmingway. Apparently, he liked to down mojitos there. It appears as if La Bodeguita Del Medio let's you write on the walls....

Here is her commentary on the photo:

The writing on the wall is from Hemingway's favorite mojito spot, La Bodeguita Del Medio.  It's more of a tourist spot and you are supposed to write your name on the wall, if you can find a space.  I had to write Roll Tide because Bama got us there, but my heart made me add the War Eagle."

If you happen to see Castro on the news wearing a Bama hat anytime soon, you'll know where it started I suppose. Even though she added the "W*r E*gle," I still appreciate her giving Bama props (and top billing.)

Definitely a lot of writing on the wall