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Wednesday Links and Such

Real life will be rudely intruding for pretty much the rest of the week, so look for plenty of musical YouTubery and links. Not that there's much else to do in the offseason, anyway. So please enjoy the musical stylings of Voxtrot...

...and then check out the following links.

The more I read about Nick Saban, the more I'm glad he's our coach.  Who else does the "I want these players to not only excel on the field, but also in life" mentality remind you of?

According to QB recruit Blaine Gabbert of Ballwin, MO, Major Applewhite is installing a "Colts-like" offense at Alabama. (h/t the Capstone Report)

The Tide currently has three SEC Player of the Week honorees on campus.  Charlotte Morgan is the SEC Softball Freshman of the Week (for the third time this season, and the second week in a row, no less) while Jake Smith is the SEC Freshman Baseball Player of the Week.  Further, senior tennis player Joseph Jung is the SEC Tennis Player of the Week, the first such honor to go to a member of the Tennis Team this season.  Congratulations to all three.

Freshman sensation Charlotte Morgan wants you to remember that the Barking Kudu sucks.

Speaking of Softball, we're still No. 2 in the rankings behind Tennessee (boo! hiss!) despite having the best record and being the only one loss team left in the nation (after also being the only undefeated team in the nation).  They briefly return to Tuscaloosa for a double-header against Arkansas this afternoon before heading to Baton Rouge to face No. 9 LSU on Friday.

Memphis Tider began his football preview today, focusing on the offensive side of the ball.

Buc 'Em brings us word that Jon Gruden considers implementing "The Shotgun" into his offense a novel idea.  Good luck with that from someone who clamored for more shotgun formations to give JP better protection last season.  

Dude, Winnie Cooper grew up hott!

And you thought getting drunk while watching NASCAR was strictly a southern thing.

Apparently getting loaded and then "expressing" yourself in a public forum comes naturally for Pennsylvanians.