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Top 25 NCGs of 2007: Nebraska at Wake Forest

(Part 10 of 25)


Saturday, September 8th.
Nebraska at Wake Forest
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Groves Stadium

Very few (if any) people expected Wake Forest to go 11-3 last season, much less expected them to win the ACC. As a matter of fact, it was the Demon Deacons' first conference title since 1970. Coach Jim Grobe has a 37-35 record at WF and it'll be interesting to see if he can keep any of the momentum from '06 going into '07. They're a team with very few historically significant accomplishments on the gridiron. The question is, will their fans expect more having tasted success or are they content with what is likely the only title they'll have for a long time?

Nebraska won the Big 12 North division last year before falling to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game. Their fans are no doubt eager to see them return to their mid-1990s form where they were winning trophies left and right. They certainly appear ready to take on the world with their out of conference scheduling over the next few years which includes teams like Southern Cal, Virginia Tech, UCLA and Tennessee.

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