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Spring Practice Updates

Encouraging stuff in today's Tuscaloosa News. Here are some excerpts from an article discussing John Parker Wilson and the offense in general:

DJ Hall on JPW:

"You can tell he's getting a little more experience. He knows what to look for, knows how to look a safety off. You can tell he has a year with experience and under his belt."

On big plays:

When asked if there was the kind of big-play potential that the wide receivers could get excited about, sophomore Nikita Stover said, "Oh yeah."

More than big plays though, I hope we can rectify the problem of the 20-yard-line being kryptonite to our offense.

Given our disastrous o-line problems of the last few seasons, I was very happy to read this:

Alabama will run more plays out of the shotgun.

I think that's a good idea regardless of line problems or not. Our offensive schemes have been infuriatingly vanilla and predictable. Greater variation can only help us mask our intent instead of simply announcing over the loudspeaker "It's third and short, here comes the jumbo package!"

A rough depth-chart has also been sketched out in Friday's Tuscaloosa News. There's also some practice video on the link. Working with the first team offense right now:

QB: John Parker Wilson
RB: Jimmy Johns
FB: Baron Huber
TE: Travis McCall
WR: Keith Brown
WR: DJ Hall
LT: Andre Smith
LG: Justin Britt
C: Antoine Caldwell
RG: Marlon Davis
RT: B.J. Stabler

Chris Capps is currently hurt and only participating in a limited capacity. Drew Davis is also a candidate for right tackle. Can anyone ever remember such great interest in the right tackle position in the entire history of the sport?