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Baseball Splits

I was just going to do an update and tack this onto the SEC Review below, but the author program on here is weird when it comes to tables and once that thing gets posted, man you couldn't PAY me to mess with it again.  Anyways, for any of you Tide/SEC baseball fans out there, Jeff of Brew Crew Ball has a site up focusing on splits for college baseball entitled, appropriately enough, College Baseball Splits.  It has full splits and situational stats for every college player who's appeared in a game so far.  You can find Alabama's here, and the rest of the SEC here.

Since my interest in baseball is about the same as my interest in hockey (i.e. hoping there's a fight), it doesn't do me much good, but I thought I'd pass it along in case any of you guys were hardcore baseball numbers people.

"We're the ones in crimson, right?"