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A Word for the Rival Fans Among Us

We don't mind discussion and debate around here, but if you plan on dropping in on an Alabama site for no other reason than to attack and/or insult the team it covers and the people who post on it, then you can't really expect for them to welcome you with open arms, can you?  Didn't think so

That being said, Vol Fan, if Bama fans are muddying up the UT sites you frequent, then I apologize.  Most of us are quite polite (even to Vols fans) and have better things to do, but, as with all fanbases, there are those who aren't happy unless they are causing trouble.  Nico and I aren't two of them, however, and when we do comment at places like Rocky Top Talk or Loser With Socks, two very funny and informative Vols blogs, it's because we have something pertinent to offer regarding the topic of the day.  Just because we don't like the team they pull for doesn't mean we shouldn't respect the efforts they put into producing their sites.  We should know.  This blogging crap is harder than it looks, and we don't even bother with fancy stuff like Rocky Top Talk.  So we'd certainly appreciate it if you and anyone else stumbling across this blog that may not be an Alabama fan, whether you pull for Auburn (So far all the AU fans that I remember posting here are always very polite and make great comments, so thanks guys), UT, or misc., would please respect the efforts we put into maintaining this site for fellow Alabama fans, and keep any comments or diaries interesting and on topic.  Thank you.

We might hate their team, and when they have those shirts on, we might hate them, but when it comes down to it we know they love their team just like we do, and that we can respect.