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RBR Cheesecake: Too Much Hottness

Birmingham, AL - After a week's worth of "training" that consisted of staring at thousands of pictures and videos of hot chicks, popular and influential blogger Todd of Roll Bama Roll has decided that he simply can't make a decision:

"I know that I should be more decisive about this, but look at them.  How am I supposed to pick?"

Katharine McPhee wants you to vote for her.

So instead of choosing one himself, he's decided to open up the polls and let you, the RBR reader, pick which celebrity you'll be seeing the most of in the coming football season.

Penelope Cruz is quite insistent that you vote for her.

The winner will be the new starter as RBR cheesecake, while the runner up will play a specialized role, as well as give the starter a rest during junk time.

Diane Kruger, secure in her hottness, will be over here drinking coffee in her overalls trusting that you will vote for her.

Third place gets red shirted and will have an opportunity to compete for the start again next year.  Voting will be open until Todd wakes up in the morning.