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Wednesday A.M. Links

It seems as if Todd & I have been alternating being insanely busy and actually being able to post on a regular basis. It's Todd's turn to be busy and my turn to post. Here's you're A.M. links:

First off, some begging for my other site, Ultimate Football Project. I seem to have lost my ticket stub to the Independence Bowl. I was hoping someone out there that went could email me a scan of theirs or a digital photo. That would help me out greatly. Email to: rollbamaroll at gmail dot com. Gracias. Oh yeah, since I know some Auburn fans read this as well, anybody have a scan of the ticket from last year's game against Tulane? I went to that one, but my friend got me in on a friend's student ID so I never had a physical ticket.

Georgia, like Alabama is blessed with a large number of quality bloggers in support of their team. At their spring game, they had their second annual "Bloggerpalooza" and I think it's high time we in the Bamasphere did the same. I've met Memphis Tider twice and I know we'll meet up again at A-Day. I've spoken with  the TideCast guys on the phone and have emailed with several other admins of Bama sites. We've got a good week and a half to make this happen, let's do it.

Bama blog Eight In The Box provides some excellent commentary on the media's taking Saban to task for his restricted access policy towards the media. In case you missed it, I addressed this in a recent diary as well.

DawgRun projects the SEC TV schedules for the fall. Man, this region has a serious football addiction, and I love it. (HT: Georgia Sports Blog)

Jonathan Tu over at 82 Sluggo Win continues to crank out some of the most entertaining and delightfully bizarre writing on college football. An example you ask? Hawai'i to lay off 2,000 running backs, open new wide receiver plant in China.

Every Day Should Be Saturday comments on David Iron's performance on the Wonderlic test. He made a four. Completely predictable fight between Alabama and Auburn fans follow in the comments section. Also from EDSBS: Ohio State fan names child Tressel Hayes.

The 12th ManChild is SBN's new Texas A&M blog and I'm waaaaaaaaay overdue on the official welcome. Glad to have a fellow music junkie on board. I think they might just be a wee bit upset about Kentucky hiring Billy Gillespie away. Anyone that can deface a picture of UK's favorite eye-candy alum is definitely upset.

Block U gives an early look at what teams might do some BCS busting in `07.

New Balance, the tennis shoe brand I rock most often is releasing a literally rocking tennis shoe. The shoe incorporates design elements of the album cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures.

I'll earn double hipster points with this YouTube clip. Not only is it a Joy Division song, but it's a cover version by Jose Gonzalez:

(You'll have to crank up the volume on your computer as the sound on this clip is a bit low.)