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Monday AM Links and Such

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The Tide baseball team took it's weekend series with UGA two games to one this weekend.  For a literate recap of the games from a Dawg perspective, go here, here, and here.  

Meanwhile, the gymnastics team posted a 196.700 yesterday to win it's 22nd NCAA Regional Title and advance to it's 25th consecutive national championship.  That's the 2nd longest streak behind Utah, who is in line for their 26th.  TideSports has a good read on Coach Sarah Patterson and the building of the Tide gymnastics program.

Enjoying soccer makes Nico sophisticated, while all the Bocephus stuff makes me zany!

Oddly enough, put on Born to Boogie and that's precisely what I do.

A few quick sucking up to Corn Nation 'cause he sent me a book links:

  • It looks like Corn Nation is sincere in it's efforts to read and review every book relating to the history of college football.  The lastest:  Heart Stoppers and Hail Mary's - The Great College Football Finishes.  Checking the Amazon review, it looks like "The Kick" made the cut, so if you're the type that just has to have an Alabama connection...
  • And speaking of "he sent me a book," after reading and reviewing Bear - The Legendary Life of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, he was kind enough to send it on down to Birmingham for me to read for myself.  I'm not much for book reviews, but I did enjoy it.  It was a quick read, and is based on a screenplay that was never picked up.  Some of the dialogue seemed corny, but the overall story and background it provides on Coach Bryant is both informative and entertaining, and I'd certainly recommend it for a good, light read on the Coach for anyone not interested enough to wade into a lengthier offering.
Happy Birthday to Hack, who turned 25 last Thursday Sunday, and also apparently wants you to know EVERYTHING that ever happend on that date.

In case you missed it, Bama fans abroad (LA is in Mexico now, right?) After Work Special finished their opus "The Day Joe Was On Fire" last Monday.  Of course, if you want the full effect of their six week project, start here and work your way backwards.

Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue takes a look at the ethics involved in National Letters of Intent and a recruits obligations to honor them in certain cirumstances.  It's an interesting post, but make sure you read the comments for some great discussion.

Considering my "fitness routine" consists of eating too much, drinking too many Cokes, and occasionally asking the Girl to "rub my belly," I probably won't have much use for SBNations new fitness blog Male Pattern Fitness, but if you're the fitness type, go check it out.  Even though I'll never make use of the information I just read, I did read a pretty good bit of it and found it very informative.

Well, I didn't ever make it to TMNT, so I suppose I'm a failure.  But the good news is Blades of Glory was as good as expected, while Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters was everything I had hoped for and more.

Keep your Seventh Seals and Citizen Kanes...