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Bill Curry: Out of Conference

I saw somebody wearing one of those hats on campus the other day, are they still selling those?

Bill Curry: (1987-1989): 12-4 (.750) vs. out of conference opponents
Notable wins: Penn State `87, `88 & `89
Humiliating losses: Notre Dame `87 - Memphis State `87

Opponents and records:
Army (1-0)
Memphis State (1-1)
Miami (0-1)
Michigan (0-1)
Notre Dame (0-1)
Penn State (3-0)
Southern Miss (2-0)
SW Louisiana  (3-0)
Temple (1-0)
Texas A&M (1-0)

When reviewing the Ray Perkins era, I mentioned that I didn't remember much of it due to my young age. To a lesser extent, this is also true of the Bill Curry era. I remember those goofy sweaters that seemed to set off a minor fashion trend throughout the crimson portion of the state (if anyone has a photo of him in one of those, please send it in: rollbamaroll at gmail dot com). I'm not going to hold those sweaters against him though, it was the late 80s, everyone was dressing horribly.

Outside of owning Joe Paterno three years in a row (not saying that was easy), there wasn't a lot to write home about in Curry's non-conference performance despite only four losses. When the losses are to Michigan, Miami and Notre Dame, wins over Temple and SW Louisiana don't compensate for them.

He was off to a good start in '87 with a complete smashing of Southern Miss (38-6) and a 24-13 win at Penn State. Not a bad start for a new coach. The grumblings began though with a 13-10 loss to Memphis State, a game I still get teased about by a Memphis fan over at Curry finished out the year getting absolutely hammered at Notre Dame (37-6) as well as dropping the Iron Bowl and then losing 28-24 to Michigan in the Hall of Fame bowl.

The non-conference win I remember most was the blocked field goal as time expired to preserve the 17-16 win at Penn State in 1989. I used to have a t-shirt of the famous block as a kid. I remember meeting Thomas Rayam the next weekend after Alabama beat Mississippi State in Birmingham. He was given a heroes welcome if I remember correctly.

As far as traveling, the Crimson Tide was still on the road a lot during the Curry era. In three seasons Bama visited Penn State (twice), Memphis State, Notre Dame, Temple and Texas A&M. I can't emphasize how much I'd like to see us step it back up to this level. How awesome would it be getting to see Bama and spending a weekend in Philadelphia? Who cares if it's Temple? We're going to schedule cupcakes anyway, might as well schedule some vacations. I know those types of things are largely done because we can rake in copious amounts of money by finding the Western Carolinas of the world to beat up on at home, but there's no harm in wishful thinking.

Remember when they used to let players celebrate?